• Travel around the country and capture 360° content of brick & mortar locations.
  • Spend two to three months in each market you visit.
  • Perform the necessary post-processing work for all of the content you capture. This involves logging into our website and utilizing our proprietary applications to create immersive experiences.
  • Master and maintain the current data set we have established in your city
  • Spot check content and correct any quality issues, including going out to recapture locations
  • Establish a thorough understanding of Threshold 360’s proprietary technology and processes
  • Work closely with the Field Operations department to develop the best strategy for efficiently and systematically capturing content in your city
  • Solve problems in the field, including engaging with the staff at locations and deciding on the best approaches for capturing content
  • Consistently communicating with the Field Operations department

Skills and Attributes:

  • High energy self-starter
  • Enthusiastic & positive attitude
  • Good verbal and written communicator
  • Highly detailed
  • Process oriented
  • Ability to resolve conflict
  • Professional and likable


  • Competent with iOS systems and hardware, including iPhones and MacBooks (candidates who own and use an iPhone 5S or newer model are preferred)
  • Have access to reliable transportation
  • Have the physical capacity to walk throughout the day

Pay and Schedule:

  • Salaried position
  • Full-time role
  • Work remotely and create your own schedule. We care about productivity, meeting goals, and solving problems… not hours worked.

Other Benefits:

  • Top notch health, dental, and life insurance package
  • PTO
  • Opportunities to travel full-time and explore cities all over the country
  • All travel expenses in this role are covered
  • Collaborate with creative and fast-paced individuals that also work remotely around the country

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